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12/18/2013 Leanna Says:

Thanks for coming to my school today and teaching us about what you do and how you got into DJ\'ing! Your words were truly inspirational and I hope you visit many others schools and share with them what you did with us! - Much Thanks from a MHBA Scholar

06/18/2013 Jojo Icart, Says:

Nice work at that boat trip!!

06/18/2013 Cee Yard Says:

Your grind is truly an inspiration. Proud of you brother <3

01/29/2013 DJ RAQI Says:

I ENJOY WORKING WITH YOU!. I have learned so much from you thanks for being a great friend and mentor. The greatest Dj. ikno #winning

01/29/2013 Lisa Griffith Says:

We met through a random FB message. J.Cole was the common denominator. I admire people with ambition. You have the most I\'ve seen in a while. Best wishes to you and every venture you conquer. I consider you a friend I\'ve never met...but may someday.

01/29/2013 Kumar Says:

Zeke, It has been a while since our paths have crossed, and I come across your site to find that you continue to strive on and keep raising the stakes. I wishing you nothing but success and love the new site. Keep doing what you do playboy. -KL

11/28/2012 Jason \"Bombaye\" Pezzotti Says:

My Brother!!! Happy Birthday kid....I got mad memories of you man throughout High School and College....from being a Powerhouse on the Highschool track the take off of your DJ Career throughout college....and I salute you on your continued success......but the funniest memory is always gonna be when you drove between 2 cars on a 2 lane road and blew the guys side view mirror off.....i think you even took that light LMAO.....i bet your lil bro always has his seat belt on after that already know, Love you bro

11/26/2012 Kris Fernandez Says:

Zeke, my brother!!! It\'s safe to say you were my first friend at St.John\'s. I walked into the auditorium for freshman orientation, and I remember you cracked a joke \"What did the old man say when it was raining?....Fa Drizzle\". Hahaha. Ever since, chilling with you, partying with you, working with you, shooting videos with you, and playing basketball with you has always been a pleasure man. Part of the Wetherole Fam! ---Kris.

11/26/2012 Phil Says:

First time I met Zeke, he was stepping to dancehall at a St John\'s party in Marillac Hall and said, \"It\'s a MOVIE.\" If he didn\'t say it till this day, he wouldn\'t be Zeke. Keep working, stay blessed fam.

11/26/2012 Michael Says:

DJ Zeke, you have been a constant encouragement for all of us who have had the priviledge to know and interact with you through the years, I am positive i\'m not speaking for myself when I say we ALL wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, stay focused and keep being you and even the stars wont be high for enough for you. Much love, #chiefset

11/26/2012 Terry G. Omisanya Says:

Above all of the parties, girls, events and nights out that we wouldn\'t dare tell our parents about..(haha) some of my best convos with Zeke were at a stage in his life when he 1st started mingling and networking at industry events. I remember loving the fact that he invested in his dream of becoming a rising DJ in NYC. From buying countless fliers, t shirts to expensive DJ equipment, I\'d always tell him things such as, \"You\'ll one day see the fruits of your labor!\". Zeke, I hope you\'re beginning to see some of your dreams come to life. Keep working hard, but make sure you enjoy it, bro! (Enjoy it!) Zeeeeeeeke, Happy Birthday, bro! I am proud of you. GOD will show you that the winner is within, you don\'t need to look anywhere else. Much love, Terry G. Omisanya

11/26/2012 Jenny Says:

St. John\'s orientation August 2005, I was sitting in the front row in the room where the orientation began and it was freezing and you gave me your sweatshirt. =D

11/25/2012 Danielle C. Says:

My boy Zekey. I mean what can I say every St. John\'s party had to have Zeke. Never felt right without you. Besides the music you were a really cool dude. Really nice, really humble. That is why I supported you. Even though I\'m in CT I say all the time \"Man I miss Zeke\" lol They don\'t do it like you out here man I\', Anyways have an AMAZING birthday. Celebrate your MANY success and the love you receive everyday. Love you man!

11/19/2012 Gabriele Dow Says:

Yoooo. I don\'t know you personally like that......but I have watched your grind since I came to St. John\'s I\'ve seen you get bigger and bigger and I love it and support keep it up! Hard work truly pays is to be emulated by me in my own way and field......whatever that is lol Congrats on the website! #stjohns

11/12/2012 Tito Says:

What\'s good Zeke. Checked out the site. Looking good! Keep doing your thing!



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