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A rising star in the entertainment industry, a permanent fixture on the NY club scene, and the ultimate college musical curator, DJ Zeke is a winner. His name is known throughout the tri-state area and for a decade, DJ Zeke has reigned as a College Club King, reaching a million college students a year. Whether the crowd is yearning for a taste of reggae and hip-hop, salsa and reggaeton, techno and pop hits or a master mix of it all, DJ Zeke keeps the party going and the energy high.

It was clear from the beginning of Zeke’s career, birthed with a love of all music, gifted with an entertaining personality, and surrounded by diversity in his upbringing, that Zeke should became a DJ that could play for international crowds. It is undeniable.



Born on November 25, 1984 and raised by two loving African parents in the rough neighborhood of Park Hill in Staten Island, New York, and educated at St. John’s University, a school that prides itself on its diverse cultural community, DJ Zeke created his own small empire, being the sole source of entertainment for St. John’s college campus events. Soon the word would spread to other New York universities, where he became one of the most sought out college DJ’s in NYC. This would not be the first time that DJ Zeke would take over a market. It was early in Zeke’s high school career that he realized his passion and talent for playing music. Others realized it too. Zeke became his high schools, Martin Van Buren, official DJ, playing at all the social events. By the time Zeke reached St. John’s University, he became the DJ to go to if you wanted a successful event, earning DJ Zeke the reputation of being “The Go-to Kid.” From playing at mixer’s to emceeing basketball games, DJ Zeke was everywhere. Eventually he began to take his craft nationwide, playing at events such as the Transformers Movie Premiere in Los Angeles to the Gym Class Heroes Verizon Tour and later on emceeing the Nas & Damian Marley Concert in Trinidad. Dj Zeke continues to expand his global fan base with appearances in Justin Timberlake’s movie “Friends with Benefits” and his association with some of the biggest stars in the music industry.

DJ Zeke has an enormous influence with today’s most desirable target audience: the college market.  When he headlines an event, people attend. When promoters and club owners hire DJ Zeke, they make money.

DJ Zeke is known, admired, but most importantly loved. He offers something that can not be mimicked, copied or improved on by the competition. He is a Shining Star.


Competition is universal. People strive off of it. But in reality a healthy competition with only one specific person should matter. With yourself. IWOWU doesn't represent competition amongst people. It represents a commitment to yourself to out work the only person staring back at you in the mirror.

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