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Born with an engaging personality and a love of all things music, it was clear that Zeke would not only grow to become a world renowned DJ, but a multimedia entrepreneur that would play for international crowds as well; and, that’s exactly what happened. DJ Zeke is an experienced veteran in the entertainment industry and permanent fixture of the NY club scene. More importantly, he is where talent, passion, and professionalism collide.

Known for for his ability to connect to the millions of college students he has DJed for in the past, DJ Zeke has been dubbed “The Club King”. However, his talents don’t stop at the club. His growth in the music industry and ability to provide excellent service to all audiences for all types of events has earned him a world-renowned reputation over the last two decades. Whether the crowd is seeking reggae, hip-hop, salsa, reggaeton, afro-beats, techno, pop hits, or a master mix of it all, DJ Zeke keeps the party going and the energy sky high.

DJ Zeke is the CEO of DJ Zeke Worldwide, a multimedia enterprise that includes professional DJ services, full-service production, lighting, photography, photo booth services, and more. DJ Zeke’s skills and consistency have afforded him multiple acting, DJ instructing, and event curation opportunities.

In addition to leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment industry, DJ Zeke is also the founder and Chief Creative Officer of Oluwaseyi Clothing, a company that creates custom tailored suits and high-quality attire for men and women.

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