Entertainment Services


Music is a vibe. Our skilled DJs know music, and know the music that gets people moving and engaged. Have a consultation with one of our DJs to discuss the atmosphere you want to create for your event, and your vision will come to life on that day.


Have your event flow effortlessly with our MCs in the pilot’s seat. Crowd engagement is our specialty. With a keen sense of what will keep your guests enjoying themselves, our team will make sure that your event is one to remember.


Let guests leave your event with a memory. Photo Booths have become popular because they help capture memories and fun that will last a lifetime. Print your memories or have them sent to you via text.


Seeing is believing, and with our state-of-the-art lighting equipment, everyone will see that your event is upscale. Our lighting paired with our skilled technicians/artists will transform any venue into exactly what you envisioned.


Crisp sounds produced by the best audio/visual equipment offered will have concert goers asking for an encore. Our elite team of audio, visual, and light technicians will bring life to your concert, with a laser focus on efficiency and effectiveness.


Using high quality cameras, we are able to stream your event in high quality with seamless execution. Let us capture your Zoom event and broadcast it LIVE on one or multiple social media platforms. We can even make your event hybrid: stream an in person event so people far and wide can join you.


A picture is worth 1000 words. Make sure the pictures that capture your event are crisp, clear, and taken by professionals. Creative angles and attention to detail makes our photography services the perfect addition to your package.


High quality videography equipment paired with a creative and skilled team make for memories in motion. High definition content will be recorded for the duration of the event and edited to create a series of all the highlights you want to remember.