1. Ball-handling skills: Kyrie Irving is known for his exceptional ball-handling skills and his ability to create his own shot.

2.Scoring ability: Irving has a natural scoring ability and is a prolific scorer from all areas on the court.

3. Shooting: Irving has a smooth shooting stroke and is a deadly 3-point shooter.

4.Court vision: Kyrie has excellent court vision and the ability to make difficult passes.

5.Leadership: Irving is a leader on and off the court and has the ability to motivate and inspire his teammates.

6.Clutch performer: Kyrie has a reputation for being a clutch performer and has hit many big shots in clutch situations.

7.Competitive spirit: Irving has a fierce competitive spirit and is always striving to win.

8.Versatility: Kyrie has the versatility to play multiple positions and can effectively run an offense.

9. Durability: Irving has shown a high level of durability throughout his career and has been able to stay relatively healthy.

10.Experience: Irving has a wealth of experience and has played in many big games, including several NBA Finals.