“You don’t have to be a doctor to know that there has to be a way to celebrate with family while staying safe.”

As the holidays quickly approach and COVID numbers spike officials are concerned that numbers will continue to rise if people gather with their families as in years past. DJ Zeke said, “Gathering for the holidays is something families look forward to all year, but safety has to come first.” As helpful as masks have been, being in close proximity with your loved ones for Thanksgiving dinner may not be the safest thing to do. 

NBC reported that colleges in New York are being strongly encouraged to end in-person classes after Thanksgiving, having students stay home and shift to 100% remote learning through finals time. According to the report, schools do not want students to return from the holidays and potentially spread the coronavirus on campus. The reverse could also be true; students could carry the virus from school to their loved ones at home. 

“It seems like this second wave was inevitable and the colleges that went back too early are getting hit hard” says DJ Zeke. 

Colleges and families are hit hard. Well, at the very least, the way families gather. “It might be out of the box, but virtual Thanksgiving might be a good idea. Everyone can cook their own meal or order in, get on Zoom and have a family virtual game night while enjoying dinner.” Great and innovative idea DJ Zeke. Let’s hope people try that as a means of being safe.