DJ ZEKE & Tiffany: Virtual Events & an Epic Pandemic Proposal

Talk to DJ Zeke and his fiancée Tiffany on what it’s like to make one the biggest moves in life, during a pandemic. 

Congratulations on your engagement! Zeke, how long did it take to plan this epic proposal, and were your plans affected by COVID?

DJ ZEKE: Thank you so much. At the time of the proposal, I had been planning for approximately a year.

Tiffany: And I had no clue, so he definitely did his job!

DJ ZEKE: When I first purchased the ring, it was only a few months before COVID hit and the world shut down. So I actually made my plans around certain pandemic limitations.

So does that mean you planned to make it a semi-virtual event all along?

DJ ZEKE: Definitely. Both of us have family in different regions of the country, so a hybrid virtual event was always the way to go. However, the pandemic made it even more of a necessity.

Tiffany: I am actually pretty thankful that Zeke decided to make the proposal a hybrid virtual event because some of the closest people to me are a distance away and couldn’t travel due to the pandemic. 

Makes so much sense. So how did you even plan a virtual event without spoiling the surprise?

DJ ZEKE: Haha, it took some bending of the truth. I told Tiffany that we were going to a private film premiere. That was the only way I could get her to a movie theater in another state! I also made it intimate, both in person and virtually. I wanted to make sure that nothing was leaked to Tiffany, so it was important to keep it that way. In this day of virtual events, people often think that means you can invite any and everyone. That doesn’t always work, especially for something like this.

Tiffany: Safety is so important, especially during these times. I love that Zeke not only made the night special for me, but he took all steps to make sure that it was safe for the loved ones who attended as well as making a virtual option available. He even arranged for a food truck to be outside so that everyone could eat and enjoy in a socially distant manner. Like, who thinks of that?!

So I understand that you rented a movie theater. SO DOPE! But how did the virtual piece work?

DJ ZEKE: Like any successful virtual event, a team had to be in place. Not only did Zoom need to be set up, but it needed to be customized. The audio and lighting also had to be on point so that everyone could have the total experience. It was even important to have multiple camera angles so that our virtual guests could feel like they were there. It took lots of planning and teamwork, but in the end, it was worth it. 

Sounds like an amazing experience! What advice would you give couples who are navigating milestone events during these times?

DJ ZEKE: Definitely consider making their virtual events. You can have a proposal, baby shower, and even a wedding, all virtually. It can be just as intimate and special while ensuring the safety of the guests of honor and invited guests as well.

Tiffany: Don’t let fear of all that’s going on in the world hinder your love for each other and your plans for a future together. Love will always prevail, just be mindful and keep it SAFE!  

…And the interview was sealed with a kiss! #IYKYK