Educators have become the real MVPs during this pandemic. Teachers at every level from elementary schools to colleges quickly shifted gears from in-person to distance learning in the blink of an eye. But as we gear up for another semester of remote learning, how can teachers grab (and keep) the attention of our young scholars?

Make Learning a Reason to Celebrate

Students and teachers alike have come a long way and that’s something to be celebrated! The last semester of school was filled with much uncertainty and learning on the fly. And… Teachers and students did it with success in most instances. So, celebrate that! While teaching, make it a party: a virtual party! Include party-themed props and imagery (like party hats and noise makers) and use them to celebrate thoughtful answers and class participation while providing positive reinforcement.

Make It Interactive

Think about the best conversations you’ve had. Most likely, they are not the ones you’ve had by yourself. Encourage students to contribute to the virtual discussion, and interact as if it was a virtual party. Of course, this would need to be managed so that it does not get out of hand, But when used with skill, this approach can change the dynamics of your virtual classroom.

Invite People to the Party

Everyone remembers the surprise guest at the party. Bring in guest speakers, surprise characters, or even a DJ and MC to move the crowd… The virtual party classroom crowd! This can grab the attention of learners who process information in creative ways and also assist students with retaining information. DJ Zeke and His team can host A virtual party in your classroom, make it relevant to the lesson, and most importantly make it fun!

All the best for the semester, happy learning, and happy teaching!