The wedding bells are ringing, and love is in the air..but what’s that?

Oh yes, that’s the elephant in the room- the burgeoning anxiety that you and your beloved are feeling as you start to lay out all the groundwork required to make your wedding day special. Your fingers are calloused and tensed up from all the googling, a comprehensive list lies on your table and as you peer through its content, you feel dazed and overwhelmed. Sounds slightly overdramatic, doesn’t it? However, these are the stresses people go through while planning out a day that is supposed to earmark a new journey in people’s lives, a journey they will undertake together through life’s many highs and troughs. Planning your wedding is one of those moments.

Planning out a wedding can be a real pain!

We all harbor dreams of finding the one, someone we can rely on for the rest of our lives. The wedding day is that one day where things come full circle, and we all endeavor to make it as special and memorable as we can not just for us, but for every guest involved in the spectacle. The placement of the lights, the food, the vibe, the wedding DJ, everything matters. After all, it’s a proclamation of your lifelong commitment to someone you simply cannot do without and want to share your life with. That’s a big deal, no?

Now, now, it’s one thing to harbor the dream, and another to deal with the logistics of it all. The latter is the least romantic and sweet part of it, and rightly so, cause planning out your special day is truly one of the bigger headaches you shall ever undertake. Organising the event in itself is probably not the biggest issue as of now, and you’d be left wondering how you’re gonna deal with the proverbial dinosaur of the room i.e the pandemic!

Oh yes, the pandemic. What do I do now?

In such perilous times, you are right to feel overcautious as people gathering in one particular space will always remains a risky practice. Aside from this, there’s also the issue of people becoming scattered all over the country while the pandemic was brewing, with remote work becoming prevalent practice and people moving back to places where they had a pre-existing house, or simply opting to move away someplace else without their occupation tying them down to a certain place. While the pandemic has remained in control, how will you have friends and family who live far away and cannot make it to your special day in a physical setting join you? It’s a real curveball, but not one that cannot be easily dealt with.

DJ Zeke is here to save the day!

When adversity comes around, people innovate and work around it. Today, with the likes of Zoom and other video calling applications, people are able to remain perenially connected even if they are situated in two different corners of the world, granted their internet connection is stable. You know this, but is people watching you getting wed to the love of your life any fun? Can one replicate the magic and the jubilance of an on-site wedding? You bet one can and nobody knows how to spruce up a wedding more than DJ Zeke himself.

A mainstay in the NY club scene and a seasoned player in the entertainment industry, DJ Zeke’s talent, passion for his craft, and uncompromising professionalism have been the backbone of his incredible success and having played for all kinds of crowds, from the corporate types to the international folks, he knows all about elevating an occasion. He dabbles in a variety of genres, from reggaeton to pop hits, to afro-beats and techno, and has the innate ability to mix it all up and keep the energy and the evening flowing. Amongst all New York City DJs, DJ Zeke has carved out a niche for himself through his unerring output and with his live streaming production company in tow, threatens to make your wedding day a truly spectacular, unforgettable bash that has your friends and family talking about for years!