When it comes to planning an event, there’s no debate that one of the most sought-after vendors is the DJ. Music can make or break your event, so selecting a DJ needs to be done with great care and much consideration.

Here are three quick tips to help you select the right DJ for your next event.

Set Budget First

All DJs are not created equal. Yes, you can hire your younger brother to play music from Pandora, but will that match the vibe of your event? Some DJs provide lighting, smoke machines, and emceeing… and those elements all come at a cost. It is also important to remember that quality is important, and comes at a cost as well. Before contacting any vendor, set a realistic budget. Selecting a DJ will be definitely affected by that.

Do Your Research

Everyone knows someone who has planned a major event and has had to hire a DJ. Ask around. Look for referrals before selecting a DJ. If that does not work, do a Google search. Often times websites like Yelp and Wedding Wire, will provide customer reviews on their certified vendors. Doing your research can help you learn about the DJ’s style, ability to engage with the crowd, and overall value.

Have a Consultation

When selecting a DJ for your event, this is the most important step. Similar to purchasing a car, you have to get acquainted with the DJ first. It’s important to not only establish a flow for your event, but you also establish rapport with the DJ. You want to make sure that the DJ will be a good fit for your event and your crowd. The consultation is also a good opportunity to ask questions, share playlists, and make special requests. Selecting a DJ is an incomplete process without scheduling a consultation.

To sum it all up, selecting a DJ can be a fun process. However, you have to put in the work. Here’s to planning a great event, and selecting the best DJ for the job. Cheers! 🥂