As the old adage goes “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. We’ve heard this phrase so, so many times, and yet the inherent virtue of this particular saying eludes us very often as we combat the increasing speed of juggling between life’s various priorities. Not only are we fighting tooth and nail for subsistence and the survival of our dreams and ambitions, but we are running other people’s races and becoming engrossed in comparing our lives to other people’s social media handles, trying to match and outdo the other in terms of success. Little do we realize how relative the term success really is, and at the end of the show, nobody makes anyone account for the “success” they’ve had, but one’s soul does make an account for the days one truly lived by doing good by others and most importantly, by oneself.


Tiresome workdays can take a toll on people’s morale


It is only natural that one begins to feel rather perplexed by the inevitable monotony of working the same job, doing the same tasks every day. No matter how passionate one is about their work, they are bound to feel wound-up once they are doing that day in and day out, without much fun and frolic interrupting or breaking things up from time to time. In earlier times, employees feeling under the cosh was mostly interpreted as an “attitude problem”. However, in 2022, we realize that more than an attitude problem, this is an environmental problem. If the environment isn’t lively, then neither would the people working in it.


So what is it that you should ideally do? Perhaps what your office needs is a corporate event! But wait, all your employees work from home, so now what? Well, distance is no longer a hindrance when it comes to people coming together and having a good time. This is where a live streaming production company enters the fray!


Livestreams are the way to go!


You’d now wonder what a live streaming service will do for you, and if what they do is just as good as the stuff people would get up to in a real-world, inside-a-room corporate event. The answer to that would be yes, and then some! Not only can a live streaming production company set the tone a lot better owing to the various avenues computer design provides, the availability of good internet speeds means that most live streams tend to be uninterrupted and smooth. The shift of entertainment from radios and TV to online streaming services has been rapid, and one can say the same thing about events that you’d otherwise hold in a public setting.

The pandemic has changed the way everyone works, with people mostly being scattered all over the place and working away from their homes. This is totally fine, and people have a new understanding of what work-life balance entails. In such circumstances, you can’t really expect people to turn up to your event, be it a corporate one, or even your wedding. Okay, your wedding might be a little more important and significant than a corporate event, but for everyone to gather around in the same room, it’ll take one hell of a herculean effort on the part of your guests and you, the person organizing everything.


Therefore, going with a live stream service is not only perfectly reasonable but in all totality makes complete sense for everyone involved. Not only can you leave the execution of it all to someone, but you can also plan it out with professionals who know what they’re doing and can customize and adapt to your needs.


If you’re worried about the human element being missing from the event, then you should know that most live stream services have corporate DJ to set the tempo and get the party started!


Hell, the same applies to weddings, with professional and highly adept wedding DJs out there who can really set the day alight and make it a memorable one for you and your significant other.


All in all, you needn’t let the distance and many other related problems come in the way of you having fun or celebrating your special day.