The pandemic has changed the way people meet. And party.

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of many and changed the daily functioning of more. From working and schooling from home to cautiously greeting people with fist bumps instead of hugs, the way we go about things is just different.

Virtual Stocks Look Up

The stock market is no exception. CNBC has reported that the United States is officially in a recession, one that is not your typical downturn. However, while many stocks have taken a huge hit, certain industries have grown exponentially in the face of the pandemic. Among those growing industries is virtual communications. According to Benzinga, Zoom’s stock has grown over 288% in seven months., Because that’s really the only form of contact we’ve had.

Virtual Parties During the Pandemic

People are no longer having meetings in person. Video conferencing platforms have been the go-to means of gathering people in a safe, healthy fashion. It has become the” new normal” that everyone is referring to. People have even had to get creative with how they celebrate life events, have milestone birthdays parties, and all other types of celebratory festivities. So, they’ve been going to those exact same platforms to gather with loved ones, but with health and safety in mind.

But… Who really wants to have a birthday party on the same platform that you have your weekly staff meeting? It’s clear that virtual meeting platforms, like Zoom, have been a technological Godsend. But when it comes to that 50th themed birthday party, they miss the mark. The tech world is starting to up the ante on virtual celebrations. Basic plan Zoom rooms just don’t do our celebrations justice, but that’s changing.

Go, go, go…WHO’S NEXT?!

What is the next phase of virtual celebrations? Virtual parties with DJ Zeke. With these parties, you are not simply logging on to your favorite video conferencing app to stare at each other. You can still use Zoom to invite your friends to log in, but beyond that, the experience is altogether different. The music will keep you moving like you were at your favorite club, and if you opt for the game night package, the games and MC will keep you and your guests entertained and laughing the entire time. The virtual backgrounds are festive and unique to your event, and the upgraded chat feature with keep the conversation going.

Ask DJ Zeke how to make it happen!